Guiding and Support


Our workshops are intended for those who love to get more out of the same. It starts with introducing the tools of your choice. Workshop means: We help you guys working out what the tools offer for you. You are the master of your process - we help you to chain up your tools.

Our trainers know how to apply tools and its features to specific processes. This also helps, where standardized tools offer features and a team will commit to use a subset of those. After such a workshop:

  • stakeholder's concerns are reflected by the team
  • teams are committed into a common goal
  • tools are configured in a convenient way
  • teams are capable ot running their processes in an efficient way
  • achievements are measureable instandly
  • documentation will be available to all teamers
  • continuous process improvement will follow

Usually a such a workshop is held in tied consultation with a process manager or a Scrum Master and may be accompanied by participating stakeholders, for instance Product Owners or their respective equivalent roles.

Workshops will be held in German or English language. Other languages may be possible on request. We look forward to hear from you!


On a regular basis Meetups will take place. Please follow our local Meetup groups. The Meetups will give users the chance to learn how others get the best out of the agile tools they use.