Bugzilla is a web based software designed to help you manage software development.

Some of the features are:

  • High performance and scalability
  • Excellent security to protect confidentiality
  • Advanced query tool that can remember your searches
  • Integrated email capabilities
  • IDE integration, for example with Eclipse
  • Editable user profiles
  • Anwering to tickets via email
  • Use your home page forms to collect bug reports from your customers
  • Comprehensive email preferences
  • Comprehensive permissions system
  • Reminder for tickets needing your attention
  • Free fields, workflow, milestones, versions, ... - all you need to have more context for the issue
  • Proven under fire as Mozilla's bug tracking system

AgileAS offers to add your products into our up and running Bugzilla installation. Bugzilla as a Service.

AgileAS also offers to operate your own open or closed user group Bugzilla installation.

There is a lot of plug-ins out there helping you doing your work with Bugzilla more efficient.

AgileAS also supports BI integration from budged control, project performance monitoring, up to billing your customers for projects managed with bugzilla.


Bugzilla is offered on a yearly rate of 60€/product (5€/Month). The number of components of a product and the data volume is not limited. Also the number of accounts is not limited.

Extensive individual administration (accounts, groups, products, ...), support and setup is billed as it occurres.

There are no hidden charges.

This is a commercial offer. All prices plus tax.