What it can do:

  • runs on Android smartphones and on CareLAN devices equipped with a GPS sensor
  • captures and sends position data every few seconds
  • one second tracing precision
  • calculates the length of the travelled way
  • detects travel breaks and shows the respective places
  • logbook functions
  • tracking map: shows the current position and additional infos of all your devices
  • speed trace: where did you drive fast, where was the traffic bottleneck
  • tracking: where is a device
  • tracing: where has it been at which time

install app

  1. download the OKIT.GHANS sensor app with your smartphone at:
  2. execute the required steps to install the app; Android will guide you in almost every case; finish and start the app
  3. go to the settings of the app and insert the prefix under wich the position data is supposed to be send to the GHANS server (the prefix is available in the browser based WebMap application after registration and login at https://agile.okit.de/ into the WebMap application)

At this time you may not be able to download the app via google Play Store because it allowes dowloads to be done personalised only.
As soon, as we found a solution for this issue the app will be available at the Play Store too.

Login OKIT

use WebMap

  1. login at the AgileAS-server at:
  2. if you already can already see the >WebMap< logo, please continue with step (7)
  3. at OKIT.Accounting, change to the application-tab
  4. click on >WebMap< then on >Start Using<
  5. add your account at >Rolleassignment< to the list of users
  6. change to >My Apps<
  7. click on the >WebMap< icon

Now you  can see the situational overview map for all your registered devices immediately.

Please note that your devices need to be configured with a matching prefix.
Your individual prefix will be shown by clicking the tracking icon in the top left in the WebMap application.