Tool Overview

ProductTypePurposeLinkper accountper projectper instancespecial offersopen sourcecommercial
BugzillaAgile ToolstackA bug tracking and incident tracking system. Can be used for planning and calculating efforts, up to billing time spent. Individual additional fields and workflows supported. Individual Authorization and role
Jenkins Continuous IntegrationAgile ToolstackBuildserver for Continuous Integration. Builds are done on a timely basis or whenever a commit into the version control system happens.
Compatible to Maven, Ant, Gradle, Ivy and many more. Individual Authorization and role management.
PhabricatorAgile ToolstackPhabricator is a complete set of tools for developing software. Included apps help you manage tasks and sprints, review code, host git, svn, or mercurial repositories, build with continuous integration, review designs, discuss in internal chat channels, and much more. Individual authorization and role management.
KanboardAgile ToolstackTaskboard for agile teams. Providing swim lanes, priorities, poker points, color, Gantt charts and performance statistics of your projects. Integrates into messaging. Individual authorization and role
JSPWikiAgile ToolstackWikiWiki software. A knowledge management system for unstructured or structured documentations, specifications, FAQs and even your favorite Pizza service. Individual Authorization and role
Atlassian BitbucketAgile Toolstack
Atlassian ConfluenceAgile Toolstack
Atlassian JIRAAgile Toolstack
BugGenieAgile ToolstackMultiple workflows with custom transition views, sprint burndowns, charts, timetracking and estimation tools, issue updates, email notifications and source integration. Individual authorization and role management.
EGroupwareAgile ToolstackCollaboration system with calendar, contacts, todos, project management, time reports and a full featured Customer Relationship Management. Integrateable with billing and reporting in BI tools. Individual Authorization and role
FossilAgile ToolstackIntegrated Bug Tracking, Wiki, and Technotes.
GitLabAgile ToolstackGit repository management, issue tracking, code review, an IDE, activity streams, wikis, and more.
RedMineAgile ToolstackRedmine is a flexible project management web application. Gantt chart and calendar
News, documents & files management, feeds & email notifications, per project wiki, per project forums, time tracking. Individual authorization and role management.
SonarCube Continuous Code QualityAgile ToolstackGives good hints from code smells up to severe issues in your code. Delivers statistics and 3D city views over your project. Very open configurable to your convenience.
SonatypeNexusAgile ToolstackMaven compatible repository manager and cache. Keeps your builds and your dependencies in a handy place. Individual Authorization and role management.
Subversion & GITAgile ToolstackVersion Management System and Configuration Management System. Individual Authorization and role
yEd LiveAgileAS ToolstackCreating structured diagrams right in the webbrowser. Used for UML, ERD, component and tons of other diagrams. An image is worth a 1000 words.yWorks
CareLAN-BoxHardwareMobile Maintenance, remote control, support and big data sourcing device. It connects almost any hardware in almost any number at almost any
M2M SIM CardHardwareConnect your applications around the world at whatever mobile network in
Protocol ConverterHardwareConverting most of the SCADA and automation protocols to something modern IT applications can deal with and vice
Thin ClientHardwareReplaces laptops, notebooks and desktop computers with a very small and easy to admister
CareLANInfrastructureConnecting almost any distributed system. Mobile applications and maintenance as well as machines and facilities. Individual Authorization and role
DatabasesInfrastructurePostgreSQL, mySQL, InfluxDB, Cassandra and others. We provide operations of selected databases as well as migrations and data analytics on most of the data sources available. Individual Authorization and role management.
DNSInfrastructureOperate your own DNS server. Provides public and closed DNS (inter-/intranet) to organize you infrastructure. Also distributed and locally individual.
DomainsInfrastructureRegister almost any available domain at a single place.
IcingaInfrastructureMonitoring solution for IT as well as machines and facilities. We help to improve maintenance to the point where you deal with incidents before they occure. Individual Authorization and role management.
IT/OT-SuiteInfrastructureConnecting networks in a safe and secure way to provide and visualize data in real time. Individual Authorization and role
JEE Application ServerInfrastructureomcat, WildFly, Jetty, JOnAS, Glassfish and others. Individual operating and maintenance of the application server of your convenience. We are providing best DevOp skills to operate your JEE based applications.
Services are provided behind dedicated web servers (e.g. Apache) with excessive performance and load balancing capabilities.
LDAPInfrastructureAuthentification and authorization in a single place for numerous application. Provide your users one account for all the applications. Individual Authorization and role management.
OSM ServerInfrastructureProviding and rendering your individual OSM maps on a secure and performance optimized
OwnCloudInfrastructureStore and sync your files from any place. Individual Authorization and role
ReportServer BIInfrastructureGrepping almost any data from almost any place in real time to improve your controll over your operations. Individual Authorization and role
Raspberry HostingInfrastructureWe give your Raspberry a home. Also clustered Raspberries will be hosted. It is not only a toy any
SCADA-ProxyInfrastructureConnects almost any interface to provide and forward data to almost any application. This thing connects world and
SMTP & IMAPInfrastructureSend and receive E-Mail. Individual Authorization and role management.
TIPCO JaspersoftInfrastructureGrepping almost any data from almost any place in real time to improve your controll over your operations. Individual Authorization and role management.
WordPressInfrastructureA very popular Blog and Content Management System. Individual Authorization and role
XenseiInfrastructureXen based vistualization and scaleabillity. We do it the Gentoo way and thus provide best possible performance on any
Agile tools and services to support your agile teams.

  • per account: chargeable on a per account basis
  • per project: chargeable on a per project basis
  • per instance: is or can be operated on a dedicated server (VM or hardware)
  • special offers: available for start-ups and Open Source Software projects