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Any Other Webapplication

Any other webapplication may be integrated using LDAP, SSO and CAS. Even if it is an axclusive application of your company, you whant to administrate in a central place.

A single webbrowser is enough to have all the relevant information and programs at your fingertips.

Identity Management

One centralizes Identity- & Access Management (IAM) for all your applications. Just one single login and a single password. Decide on your own, who has access to what application.

GEO Lokalisation

Tracking Android smartphones and CareLAN devices: Where is my machine now? Who of the technicians is near to a customer asking for support? How long was the tour the van drove yesterday? When did it arrive on-site? What was the route it took?

Video Meetings

Secure video meetings with colleagues and via link with project partners. Share your video and screen without any special software installation on PCs, laptops and smartphones, with Windows, Apple, Android and Linux. The chat, speach and video communication is end to end encrypted.

Business Messaging

Confidential information need a secure messaging. Take afvantage of a secure business messenger for professionals. Utilize the integration with some other applications of the AgileAS portfolio.


Share files, images, calendars, addressbooks and construction documents with your colleagues and project partner. Share it as link, by syncing your laptop or smartphone or use any webbrowser.

Care about your prohects. We care about providing the right information to the right persons.

Online Kanban

SCRUM project management or a classic style project management. Online Kanban is individually configurable to your favored processes and organization.

We care about the hosting and support you in your projects, in your organizational tasks and if your want, we complete your team.
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Keep your team focused on building your products. If you’re not interested in maintaining your own infrastructure, take a look at AgileAS. Leave the backups, updates, and maintenance to us. As OKIT is commited to agile development as well as to operate and maintain our customer's projects, we host the toolchain for the success of our joint projects. This is a core service for safe and secure development in times of opaque cloud offers. AgileAS services are hosted in a safe and secure data center in Germany or on premise, right as you choose to your convenience. Private cloud, public cloud, VPN, open and closed user groups, high availability, open source and commmercial solutions: it is no big deal for us, so it is no big deal for you. Let us start to setup your environment of success. Today!