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Agile Project Management

Focus on your project. Don’t shave the Yak. Let us host your tools for your agile projects.

Continuous Integration

Rely on Open Source CI tools that thousands of Scrum teams already do.

Control Quality

Keep track on the quality of your teams delivery. Rely on metrics and define your own. Review the code and measure improvements.

Cover Costs

Cover your costs. We won’t charge you with unexpected reimbursables. Having your team doing their job pays off in very short terms.

Broad Experience

Benefit from know-how spread all over the internet. Ask our agile support for free. Enjoy our attention in dedicated workshops. Network with other users.

Integration Across Tools

Choose the tools you like and let us care about X-integration of tools: authorization and authentification, reporting, business intelligence (BI), measuring, accounting, …


Daily backups, redundant power supplies, redundant connectivity, RAID, air-condition, response-teams, firewalls – you name it.

Securely Hosted Germany

All services are hosted in a safe data-center in Germany, protected by law. Security is our main concern. Your data is safe.

Sophisticated Update Policy

Get updates proactively. Enjoy our maintenance caring about your productivity.

Keep your team focused on building your products. If you’re not interested in maintaining your own infrastructure, take a look at AgileAS. Leave the backups, updates, and maintenance to us. As OKIT is commited to agile development as well as to operate and maintain our customer's projects, we host the toolchain for the success of our joint projects. This is a core service for safe and secure development in times of opaque cloud offers. AgileAS services are hosted in a safe and secure data center in Germany or on premise, right as you choose to your convenience. Private cloud, public cloud, VPN, open and closed user groups, high availability, open source and commmercial solutions: it is no big deal for us, so it is no big deal for you. Let us start to setup your environment of success. Today!